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Kimball International consists of three furniture brands: Kimball, National, and Kimball Hospitality. It is the successor to W.W. Kimball and Company, the world's largest piano and organ manufacturer at certain times in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Kimball employees are underpaid, overworked, and mistreated, management is terrible and unprofessional, according to a former employee at

"Minimum wages for skilled positions. Mistreated, disrespected & overworked till you get fired or quit! Management is absolutely terrible place to work I got bullied for months by management and nothing was done then."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor payand little to no communication"


"They care nothing about the lowly factory workers. They sent all the office workers home while this virus is killing people and all of us lesser people that actually do the work are stuck going in there and risking bringing it back to our families. Its absolutely pathetic."

Former Employee - Sales says

"We are sorry to hear about your experience with us. Did you share your feedback with HR as part of the exit review process?"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"The "leadership team" at Kimball Hospitality is a joke at best. They do not run the company, they let one specific customer dictate who gets what positions. There is absolutely no team there it is every person for themselves. I have seen a member of leadership give direction and when that direction was wrong they denied giving that direction and blamed it on the employee. No morals and HR is only there to cover their own tails. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Leadership team is allowed to yell and curse at employees with HR sticking up for them. Very toxic environment."

Manager says

"Best thing that could happen is some large company in the industry buys Kimball or a PE firm acquires and changes out management."


"New CEO and COO Very weak management team"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I found out when applying to the flight department, no blacks are allowed!"

Current Employee - Can't Say says

"Young people with little experience are often hired over people of real experience. It creates an atmosphere where incompetent management can gain suporters. Young inexperienced people tend to go along with the program and are moldable. Experienced people won't put up with it."

Former Employee - Senior Manufacturing Engineer says

"Very weak salaries and benefits package. Promise of bonuses do not come true due to cost structure caused when Kimball purchased Reptron. Long hours required of salaried staff. Equipment is old and outdated and provides difficulty when trying to meet quality requirements of the customer. This company wants to compete with the big boys (e.g. Flex, celestica, plexus, jabil, foxconn), but they never will. They can't provide the service level of the larger EMS providers so they have to work their employees like dogs to meet a lower price level. Customer base is the scraps the big players in the industry do not want."

Former Employee - Travel says

"The company is a popularity contest with managers who could not tie their shoes and employees who are let go if they say anything. Perfect place if you want to live a lie and have a brown nose."

Finish Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend to any one. Selfish employees, management, and corporate. Company is only worried about bottom line and nothing else. No raises and terrible benefitsnoneEvery thing"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The company doesn't care if you've been there 1 day or 30+ years. You're treated like you're just a number. Employees are all underpaid. No bonuses, no raises. Absolutely no care for the employees. They think office furniture making is essential. They lied to the government about a product we don't even make, to make us work. Hard to get 40 hrs a week."

Kimball international (Former Employee) says

"Managment is absoulety terrible place to work I got bullied for months by managment and nothing was done then. Hypocrites managment is and no one does anything about it not even corporate"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator, Shipping Dept. (Former Employee) says

"Minimum wages for skilled positions. Mistreated, disrespected & overworked till you get fired or quit! Unless you are desperate for work and have no life outside of work, don't go there!A place to go if you are desperate & have no life outside of work.Only a place to go if you are desperate."

Lift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Unless you like working with a bunch of racists and lazy people. Then this is the place for you. They have no respect for the ones who do the work. The ones who do work hard have to go and cover for the lazy employees. I took several complaints about racism to the supervisor, they will just look at you and push it to the side."

Line loader and inspector (Current Employee) says

"Never get 40hrs. And always get stuck with the stuff others on days dont want to do. No raises . Never know if you working in the same area day to day. Might have to move shifts with not much of a notice . You your vacation days to fill the hours they dont work you.Vacation days. That you end up.using to get 40hrs a weekEverything is a mess"

I cook (Former Employee) says

"I feel that they under utilized the employees that they had and rather hire off the street and progressing employees from with in. The is also alot of backstabbing."

Upholster (Former Employee) says

"Just don't..... Most people can only take it for a few months. That's why they have to hire so many people every other month. National office is a bad place to workPayEverything else"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Kimballs managers treatment of others policy was in a nut shell treat the employees as poorly as possible without breaking any labor laws and if they take it great if not there is the door.weekly paycheckyour fellow workers"

Marerial handler/forklift operator (Current Employee) says

"Kimball is a terrible factory to work at. Management has no idea what goes on in the work place all they care about is getting the product out on time even if it's wrong. They don't care about there employees anymore. Last thing Kimball's pay is terrible."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I really didn't like it, My hours were 5am till 5-8 at night. You never knew what time you were leaving."

Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This place was a good place to work until management/supervisor was changed. The negativity towards the warehouse workers is outrageous. Change is a big deal, however, opinions of the warehouse workers are not acknowledged.Great insuranceSupervisor doesn’t acknowledge his workers - no positive reinforcement"

manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"not agod place to work for .H R does not have the best intrest of threir valueble employeesthe people you work with on the manufacturing floor are greatpoor health care no plain for employee raises or promotions"

Spray Technician (Former Employee) says

"They will tell you that you will make $11 an hour, but it's really $9 with an "incentive bonus" that KILLS overtime pay. Job was decent. Pay was an absolute joke.People were niceLies about pay rate"

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"Everyone tells one each other over the smallest things you can't joke around at all if you do someone goes and tells like Curtis piece of... I wouldn't recommend going there if look for permanent job placement"

Frame pack (Former Employee) says

"I didn’t leave because of the job I did that part was ok . I left because of management and the hours I worked . I was not treated well enough to stay either . Overall the plant that I worked in every employee I talked to hated working there ."

Maintenance / machine operator (Current Employee) says

"The lack of management is ridiculous. No room for advancement. No annual raises. Basically what you start at pay wise when you start look forward to staying at that entire time you work there or maybe only getting a $0.50 raiseNoneShort breaks and lack of communication all together"

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"Company completely controlled and managed by a couple of families with little to no advancement opportunities due to family control. No appreciation for new ideas or information that could allow the company to grow.Small TownNo Advancement, Family controlled, Poor pay"

Manufacturing (Current Employee) says

"Worst management I have ever worked for. They act like a bunch of kids. Very sneaky and lying. Just a bunch of game players. HR is the worst.Decent benefits except medical.No set schedule, terrible schedule planning, talked to and treated like children, HR manager a joke."

Light Assembly (Current Employee) says

"it is just a paycheck until I can find something else. There is no work / life balance. Never know your hours until it is time to go home. Don't know about working Saturdays until is a jobunbalanced work schedule"

NOYB says

"Flight director said that $%&&#$% (blacks) have no business in professional aviation. Besides being racist, was clueless on other simple matters of safety and regulation; Even has a prior FAA violation!"